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What does the Wordsolver App do?

The Wordsolver App unscrambles your letters into a list of words using one of our five official game dictionaries - covering almost every word game.

Easy and Fast

Just type in the letters and click Go! Use a question mark for a blank tile, or wildcard. Feel free to change the dictionary first.

Browse the Results

The wordlist is ordered longest first and then alphabetically. Characters replaced by blank tiles (or wildcards) show up RED.

Optional filters

Optionally, you can also use filters so that words returned will fit around a letter, or multiple letters, that are already on the game board. These filter letters are presented in GREEN.


Optional filters take wordsolving up to another level!

Wordsolver finds words that fit around letters already on the board (such as scrabble). For example, perhaps you have the letters KWYJ?BO in your rack and there's some space near an X on the board:

Image layer

Letters to unscramble


'Starts' with, 'Contains', or 'Ends' with


Enter letter(s) on the board
you'd like to fit around


Click Go to search. The focus stays on the textbox so you can press delete, enter in new filter text and then press enter to quickly search for a suitable location on the board to put your letters.


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Available for both Apple's iOS and Google's Android platforms.

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